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The mainstream media and health researches nowadays are abuzz with the word obesity. As overused as it may seem, the word ‘obesity’

deserves all the attention it gets. Obesity is a serious health condition, which when not taken care of, will lead to many health problems and issues. You don’t actually have to be obese to face health

risks, packing a few extra pounds around the middle is enough to put you in the risk. So, what causes people to become overweight and obese? An unhealthy lifestyle is the obvious answer: working long hours, not making time for workouts and fitness binging on unhealthy food without any control and being too lazy to move more than required. In some cases, obesity may be caused by other health conditions like thyroid disorders. Most of the people who are obese or overweight try unsuccessfully to follow a healthy diet plan.

If you have been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully for a long time and lost all your hopes and motivation in life, you have come to the right place. Here at www.childishenergy.com, you will learn how to lose weight in a unique way. We mean it when we say ‘unique way’, as we start by teaching you how to the change the way you think and reach your weight-loss goals by unleashing your inner child and your ‘childish energy’. We then proceed by providing you with valuable information about the habits and tips that will aid you in your weight-loss journey.

Besides the possible health risks, obesity may also lead to psychological problems. When it comes to men, obesity could affect their stamina, which in turn affects their performance in bed, causing conditions like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. These conditions result in psychological distress, which propels them to seek out ways to stop premature ejaculation and improve their performance in bed. For women, obesity is more of a cosmetic problem. Some of them enroll themselves in a weight loss program or opt for weight loss treatments as they feel professional help is necessary for their condition. Some even go so far as to undergo a weight loss surgery. All in all, obesity and weight gain not only affects the physical health of an individual, but also affects his/her psychological health.